Creating & sustaining important local services – March 16th, Wiveliscombe

We had an inspiring afternoon hearing about successful community transport and information hub projects, and a tour of the disused Town Hall that is a major renovation project.

STF Members Wiveliscombe Area Partnership (WAP) were our hosts. WAP established the successful WiveyLink community transport scheme around 13 years ago, and now run four vehicles using 36 volunteer drivers, with a turnover of £100K pa. They also run the town’s Community Office, a valued hub for information and agency surgeries.

Wiveliscombe Town Hall Trust have secured a lease to improve the Town Hall, which sits unused in the centre of town. They have explored options and are starting the first phase of renovations.

View the presentation below.

WAP Meeting Slides – STF-16th Mar 2016

You can view photos from the event on our Facebook page.